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Building the future

Vandy Wesley is a student COMMUNITY on a spiritual JOURNEY to positively IMPACT Vanderbilt, Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and beyond.

Undergraduate students at Vanderbilt University experience a remarkable and rigorous education, world-class lectures, and extensive extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, combining these with immense study requirements doesn’t leave much time for meaningful connections with other students, and can leave students feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, and alone. Vandy Wesley Fellowship offers a break from this daily grind, a delicious meal, and a place to deeply connect with others as we explore our faith together. Every student that attends one of our events is welcomed by another student, starting these connections from the first time we meet. Vandy Wesley welcomes and celebrates people of all races, religions, economic statuses, sexual orientations, ethnicity, gender identities, gender expressions, and mental or physical ability.

Vandy Wesley supports students in many ways:

– Support on faith journey

– Pastoral counseling

– Opportunities to engage

– Opportunities for service

– Opportunities for scholarships

We look forward to connecting, soon!